Our way forward

With a desire to bring clean, fresh food for community’s health and to meet all strict requirements from customers, SAIGON FOOD sets a clear direction to become a leading professional food manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam, as a trustworthy partner of many developed countries.

Thanks to consistent and serious pursuit to the right direction & strategy, SAIGON FOOD is proud to be acknowledged as a prestige food supplier & a strong brand at the difficult Japanese market. With experience and love for products and a manager crew that have 20 years of rich experience in seafood processing and exporting, SAIGON FOOD has brought numerous highly competitive products that have been accepted directly at challenging Japanese supermarkets

Export market
Export products

Specialized in seafood products, SAIGON FOOD’s export products included: Salmon Sushi, Crab Sushi, lates calcarifer kirimi, Nemipterus Virgatus kirimi, Saba fillet, Flour coated fish, Shrimp Sushi. Among these, Salmon sushi is our main product.

Quality management systems

Quality management systems: ISO 9001 2008, HACCP, BRC, MSC, Kaizen, 5S.


The first manufacturer in Vietnam was certified the "Top Value" brand for giant AEON Corporation - Japan.