Our way forward

With a strong desire to bring clean, fresh food for improving community’s health and to meet all customers’ needs, SAIGON FOOD seeks to become a leading professional food manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam and trustworthy partner internationally.

With our consistent and serious pursuit of the right direction & strategy, SAIGON FOOD is proud to be acknowledged as a prestigious food supplier & a strong brand in the Japanese marketplace. With the love for our products and a management team that have 20 years of rich experience in seafood processing and exporting industries, SAIGON FOOD has delivered highly competitive products that are well-received in the demanding Japanese market.
Export markets
Export products

Specializing in seafood products, SAIGON FOOD’s export products include: Salmon Sushi, Crab Sushi, lates calcarifer kirimi, Nemipterus Virgatus kirimi, Saba fillet, flour-coated fish, Shrimp Sushi. Among these, Salmon sushi is our main product.

Quality management systems

Quality management systems: ISO 9001 2008, HACCP, BRC, MSC, Kaizen, 5S.


The first manufacturer in Vietnam that is certified as the "Top Value" brand by the AEON Corporation - Japan.